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Ceramics Studios Josef & Petr Stepanek

Welcome to ceramic ateliers website KERAT. We are one of the oldest and most famous manufacturers of pottery in Czech republic. Our roots are in South Bohemia and the tradition of manifacturing is dated back to year 1790.

What we offer?

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We produce double fired, highly sintered utility-decorative ceramic. Our products are fired at temperature 1140 - 1160 °C. At the moment we offer 14 shades of glossy, 17 shades of matt and 9 shades of combined glase for our entire assortment. We manufacture 12 most wanted designs for storage. We offer more than 270 types of original ceramic products for various purposes, e.g. OVEN FOR APPLES, dinner services, cups, aroma lamps, vases, decorative ceramics, honey bowls, bio hedgehogs for watercress, beer mugs with tin cover, toaster for apples etc.

We have always something interesting

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Except for our classic products, we always offer something special (products with an original idea). Our original idea for this year´s Christmas is OVEN FOR APPLES. You can find all our products in our new e-shop (the e-shop is placed on this website). If you find some product interesting, you can order this directly through the eshop, by e-mail, by phone or you can visit our sample room at Prague 6 - Dejvice.

Handmade manufacture

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Large share of our production is handmade. That´s why every product is an original piece. Manufacturing process lasts approximately 3-5 weeks and we use old potter´s methods combined with modern materials. For our extraordinary design, we use our own glase prescriptions. All used materials are Czech products.

Custom manufacture

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The way of our manufacturing (handmade) makes possible to produce nearly everything. We create advertising pottery, plastic company logos and engraving in many languages. We also provide restaurants, pubs, pensions and hotels with serving ceramic - we think up the design with owners.

Attractive price

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In view of the fact that we sell our products in our manufactory as well, we can offer you interesting prices without mark-up. We offer cost prices for dealers. All our products are handmade, so we do not offer quantity discounts.

Personal approach to clients

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Come to visit our sample room, our qualified staff will answer all your questions because everyone from our company participates on production. We will be happy to help you with choosing suitable gift for your family and friends.

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If you are a dealer and if you make an order in value 5000CZK and more, costs related with transport are free (in Czech republic). Our transport partner is DHL. Products are insured, so you don´t have to be afraid of losts. Single orders are sent by post (cash on delivery).

Advantages for you
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Our pottery are brand named and we therefore provide a 100% guarantee, in the sense of possible refunds of exchanges at any time. We would like to offer you traditional pottery to expand your assortment. You can pay in cash or we can give you invoice with due date 4 weeks (purchase over 5000 CZK). The due date is depended on mutual agreement in case of sample collection and first buy. We sincerely invite you to Prague to take a look at our studios and products. By agreement we will send you a sample collection composed of best selling things for free.