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Ceramics Studios Josef & Petr Stepanek

The modern history of KERAT pottery studios began when my father, Josef Stepanek, completed of the industrial school of pottery in Bechyne. After two years of military service, he joined the pottery plant in Kralupy nad Vltavou in 1958, and later, in 1965, he transferred to the pottery research institution of production associations, where he worked for 3 years.

In 1968, he established his own association DVIS together with Mr. Oldrich Hrabal, which was closed after two years by the former regime. My father transferred to the workshops of the Project and construction institute of pottery plants in Prague (Projektoveho a konstrukcniho ustavu keramickych zavodu Praha). After 13 years, he left the post of manager of the pottery workshop and in Autumn of 1980, started co-operation with Pavel Kvas. Together they established the KERAT studio in 1983 in Smichov and joined the associated manufacture JZD Jilove u Prahy.

Only in 1985, when the communist regime allowed small private entrepreneurs, did my father gain independence and enter the trade.

After parting with Pavel Kvas, he invited his former schoolmate Josef Sileny, who lead the business with him until my return from military service in 1988.

From that date, I have learned the craft from my father and at the beginning of 1991, I opened my own studio in Dejvice. During this period, we have also organised several exhibitions and viewings. Following my grandfather’s example, who used to say that a trade and its art should be handed down not only from father to son but should also flower among other interested people, I launched co-operation with the Secondary specialised apprenticeship school PROFUM in 1993 and welcomed my first apprentices.Today, already the seventh generation of apprentices are gaining their craftsmanship and knowledge of the trade with us and we are thus helping young and fresh blood flow into the pottery craft. In today’s over mechanised world, this is surely very important for the future of this trade.

Our studios offer interior utility and ornamental pottery with a highest portion hand made, for your flat, recreation house or cottage. It is manufactured with the greatest care, founded on the experience inherited by generations of the Stepanek family, which reaches back to the end of the 18th century.

We are pleased to announce improvement in quality and depth of our product range due to restructuring of our production technology in DEJVICE in October 2001. Also due to the product range extension we decided to build a new showroom in June 2002. All our products can be now seen and purchased at this showroom. As an ongoing marketing effort we supported these initiatives with a promotion campaign and illuminated sign at the atelier. We put our determination to improve the shopping experience for our dealers and customers. We would like to invite you to explore and experience our improved products and premises.

Opening hours: mon - fri from 8 a.m. till 5 p.m. and 5 p.m. till 12 p.m. or based on individual arrangements (incl. sat and sun).
Tel.: +420 233 331 917 or +420 602 376 670.

Petr Štěpánek 2003.

Josef Stepanek
* 1935
Petr Stepanek
* 1966
Adam Stepanek
* 1998
David Stepanek
* 2000