157.Ashtray lathe carved, 113.Liqueur set, 162.Pint with emblem 26.Sugar bowl small lathe, 223.Vase up to 20 cm, 157.Ashtray lathe carved
70.Cup and saucer straight, 128.Milk pitcher small, 120.Miniature candle holder, 181.Candle holder braided, 157.Ashtray lathe carved, 226.Vase with handle low 21.Tureen (soup bowl), 103.Spice shaker square,230.Easter bunny, 229.Easter hen (eggcup), 216.Vase cone
74.Cup and saucer low, 137.Parsley pot with saucer, 223.Vase up to 20 cm, 127.Party bowls (folding for salted snacks) 67.Cup and saucer bubba, 35.Jewellery case lathe, 43.Small jug B, 223.Vase up to 20 cm
156.Ashtray lathe perforated, 183.Salt and pepper shaker, 223.Vase cube, 85.Carafe straight ketchup 159.Ashtray cast, 223.Vase up to 20 cm, 74.Cup and saucer low


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